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Gender & Orientation

Gender and sexual orientation are not just about the pronouns we use or the people we decide to have sex with. Gender and sexual orientation are about core identity. They determine the ways that we come to know ourselves and also the ways we connect with the people around us. That’s way more profound than sex or pronouns.

When we are wrestling with core parts of our identity, like gender and sexual identity, it can feel impossible to connect with the world around us, much less connect with and center ourselves.

I can help you explore what truly matters to you in both your relationships with others and your relationship with yourself. In our work together, we can help you more deeply value and trust yourself, as we give value and space to these parts of yourself that the culture around you has beaten down. We will bravely center the parts of you which have been marginalized.

You may have questions: “How do I know if I should change my pronouns?”, “I’ve never dated another guy; how do I even start?” or “How does queer sex even work?” I’m here for all of it. Emotions, exploration, education, we can do it all; anything and everything to help you feel more deeply connected with yourself and those around you.

Working with people exploring gender and sexuality is one of my favorite aspects of therapy. I cannot wait to explore with you.


Sexual Issues

Sexual issues are way more common than you could ever imagine. However, they can be just as devastating as they are common. For many of us, sex is a critical part of how we connect with the world around us and ourselves. This is exactly why sexual issues can be so devastating; they cause us to become disconnected. Sex isn’t necessarily about intercourse, but it can be. You might be experiencing pain during sex or trouble ejaculating or keeping an erection. Shame or anxiety might be limiting your ability to enjoy sex. Or you might feel like sex has taken control of your life. When working with folks overcoming sexual challenges, I always aim to chase after pleasure, play and connection. Any one of these might feel distant to you right now, but they don’t need to be. Let’s move pleasure, play and connection to the center of your experience; together, we can figure out how. I know how frustrating sexual issues can be because they can mute our voice of connection. Together we can help you reconnect to yourself and reclaim your sexual freedom. There is absolutely hope.

Spiritual Trauma & Transition

As you’re reading this, where do you find yourself spiritually?

If you’re like a lot of the folks I work with, you’re feeling a bit discouraged or disoriented. You may even be feeling rejected by your faith community. Especially if you’re LGBT+, this is a sadly common experience.

If you’re feeling rejection, discouragement or disorientation; know that this dosen’t have to be the end. Your spiritual path does not have to end at stuckness. Whether its religious spirituality or non-relgious spirituality, I want to help you construct a spirituality with space for all of you. With secular training in religious studies and a progressive seminary education, I am ready to help you build this.

Let’s find your spiritual home. Reach out, I’m ready to help you find it!

Anxiety & Depression

People who are struggling with anxiety or depression will often describe them as a slow but constant drumbeat in life.

May you find yourself feeling discomfort in social situations, either feeling stress or numbness. Maybe you find that you have a hard time “rallying” to do things that you know you used to love to do. Maybe in the bedroom you find that you just can not get your mind off of the erection or orgasm that seems unpredictable.

Both anxiety and depression and pull us out of being able to experience the fullness of ourselves and of the world around us. I want you to live a rich life, both socially and internally. Let’s not leave you here. Let’s help you find yourself again.



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Gregory D Kilpatrick, MSMFT, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT 123790) in the State of California.

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