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Do you ever imagine a world where you feel closely and intimately connected with yourself and those around you?

If your growing up was anything like mine, you were not prepped for this type of life.

We live in a culture of cut-off. We are told to be ruggedly independent free spirits, while at the same time, we must have robust and meaningful relationships.

Confusing. Right?

Here’s the deal, there’s no right way to live life and no right way to do relationships. Working together as therapist and client, it’s our task to find a tailor-made path for you. No rigid rules. No meaningless scripts. Let’s discover the connection and intimacy that fit you and your relationships.


Let’s actually talk about it. I want to know who you are and where you come from. I want to know your values, both individual and relational. And I want to help you celebrate those values and then put them into action.

Let’s focus on pleasure and play. Sure, relationships and self-exploration are serious work. But connection and intimacy are designed to be rich, playful and fun. This includes your sex life! I have more than five years of training in clinical sexology, and I can help you get in touch with your sexuality, your gender, your relationships and every part of you that is important to who you are.

Let’s be connected. Why should therapy be cold and clinical? Working with me, you will have a therapist who doesn’t hide from you. You get Greg the Therapist™ as well as Greg the Human™. Before becoming a therapist, I worked in camp settings for a decade. Let’s make therapy campy again.

You could live a disconnected life, but I know you don’t want that. Let’s get you the connection and intimacy we both know you’re yearning for. 

Greg Kilpatrick, LMFT

Principal Therapist & CEO, Zephyr Therapy


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Gregory D Kilpatrick, MSMFT, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT 123790) in the State of California.

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