Types of Therapy

Individual Therapy

Therapy is the art of becoming curious.

When I’m working with individuals, I help folks to first become more curious about themselves. “Who am I?”. I then like to help folks go one step deeper and ask themselves, “What parts of me are out of step with my values and who & how I want to be”?

I help folks reconnect to this core self we can sometimes lose sight of. I help folks find themselves and live more fully into themselves to help them find greater connection and alignment within themselves.

Maybe you are navigating through understanding your gender or your sexual orientation. We can help you better understand and love this emerging part of yourself as we become curious and learn to love these parts of you in therapy.

Maybe you are navigating anxiety or sexual issues or feel caught in a loop. With a caring mindset and heart-set, let’s help you find clarity and direction so that these issues do not act to hinder the beauty of who you are from emerging.

If you are navigating spiritual trauma or transition, let’s help you reclaim your spirituality and find a form of connection that is truly yours.

Self-curiosity mixed with self-love can be the antidote to the things that get us tripped up in life. And this combination can be the fuel that powers growth.

David Whyte tells us, “anything or anyone that does not bring you alive is too small for you.” If his words are true, he dares us to be courageous.

Dare to emerge. Dare to become. Dare to connect. Dare to claim who you are. Dare to become alive.

Relationship Therapy

Shakespeare once said, “The world is relationship.” Well, he didn’t, really. But if he had, he would have been right.

When I say “relationship,” I don’t even mean those only of the “romantic” variety. Not to startle you, but even that interaction you have each morning with your barista–yep, you got it. That’s a relationship.

When we dive deep into ourselves and explore how we want to do the relationships we are in, they can feel connected and intimate. They can bring us even more than our morning iced coffee. They can help us grow in ways we could never do alone and learn things about ourselves that we can only learn through another. When our relationships and ourselves are out of step, they can do precisely the opposite. We all know the feeling of a fight with a good friend or partner can leave us torn up inside.

Notice something here: Two paragraphs in, I haven’t talked about “rules.” I haven’t told you what you must do to have a connected and intimate relationship. Because here’s the secret: There’s no right way, there’s no magic wand to wave. But you’ve been culturally brainwashed to believe there is.

My goal as your relationship therapist will be to do two things:

  1. Explore your and your partner(s) relational dreams
  2. Help you and your partner(s) find each other in the relationship you’re co-creating.

We do this by talking. We do this by exploring. And we do this by investing in curiosity.

Why does that fight keep coming up?

What’s going on with the hiccup in the bedroom?

Why do I get so anxious when they do that thing?

This is what we will explore together in our work to help you forge the type of connected and intimate relationship that serves you and your partner(s), not one that fits the rigid rules that culture doles out at your expense. 

Sex Therapy


I have some bad news for you. Your youth pastor was wrong about sex. I hate to break this to you. I know you must be shocked to read this.

But, gosh, isn’t it great that he was wrong?

We have so many rules around sex. So many formulas that we use. So many cultural expectations to fulfill. And many of us have been shamed into believing that sex and intimacy are just as shameful, high-stakes and stifling as culture tells us it is.

I’m here to tell you this. Your sex life does not have to bow to the rigid rules and expectations you’ve been told it must.
As we’re working together, this is the message you will regularly hear from me (in both words and actions).

So now that we’ve established that your youth pastor was wrong, what guardrails will I put up around you as your therapist? Well, none. I am not here to hand down mandates. I am here to help you explore.
I’m here to answer the questions that you may have. And I’m also here to help you process and explore your curiosities.
Whether you are vanilla as freshly fallen snow or are kinky as a Portland sex dungeon, I’m here to help you explore and find yourself.

Whether you fly solo or are part of a polycule the size of a small city, I’m here to help you find yourself and help that self emerge.

Whether you are decolonizing your mind of the poison of purity culture or you are experiencing sexual pain, difficulties with orgasm, erectile issues or trouble with sexual desire, I’m here to help you find greater connection and intimacy in your life.

Your sex life belongs to you and the people you share it with. Let’s reclaim it and make that undeniably so.



Coaching versus therapy, how do you know what to choose?

I recommend coaching to folks looking to grow but are not experiencing significant mental health concerns or are out-of-are. As a therapist, I can work with folks only within certain regions where I am licensed; but as a Coach, these barriers need not constrain us!

When it comes to coaching, I love helping people find deeper connection and intimacy in their lives and relationships (often focusing on the erotic parts of both)! I have often helped folks explore issues as wide-ranging as spirituality to kink.

There are many ways to grow, and ‘therapy proper’ is not the only way to do it!

If you are out of state or looking to grow in ways that are outside the bounds of therapy, I can’t wait to connect with you!


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Gregory D Kilpatrick, MSMFT, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT 123790) in the State of California.

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